Pokemon Red and Blue!

Pokemon Red and Blue was the very first Pokemon game in the Pokemon Franchise. This game was created by Game Freak and it is published by Nintendo. Pokemon Red and Blue was playable on the handheld console called the Game Boy.

Pokemon Red and Blue brought a new experience in the gaming industry. It brought many elements that attracted the viewers' attention. It is a fan favorite for many players who first played this game in the 1996.


Pokemon Red and Blue, for many fans who have played this in the 1996, would probably considered this game the best mainly due to nostalgia. Since this was the very first pokemon game on the Game Boy, it brought new elements to the gaming industry. There are 150 obtainable pokemons each of them, having its unique abilities. For someone who played this game for the battles, I personally believed during that time, the battle mechanics were pretty simple and fun to enjoy at that time. However, catching pokemons were equally as fun since as I mentioned before, it brought new elements to the gaming industry.


Pokemon Red and Blue may have its pros, it also have its cons. The game itself when it came out had a lot of bugs especially as everyone probably knows, the Hall of Fame glitch where the player can clear the game under less than a minute (if it was done quickly and correctly done). Honestly, this is my personal opinion of the game that probably is a con is the art design of the pokemons. The artwork of the pokemon I believe was pretty hideous since...I mean, look at them, they all look like they have been horrible scientific experiments that manage to escape to the real world. Under than the bugs and design of the pokemon, the game was enjoyable. (I mean come on look at that squirtle, you know what I mean right?)